'The Age of Ledger' (July 2013 – current)

A political solo work exploring the social, moral and ethical consequences caused by a market based globalised economy and their effects on the psychology, behaviour and attitudes of individuals expressed through personal narratives. This project is supported by Grants for the Arts funding from the National Lottery via Arts Council England. Project partners include Dance Initiative Greater Manchester, Dance Base, Z-Arts & the University of Salford. Development showing was performed for the Homegrown season at Z-Arts in March 2014.

'STAFF ID: 5201' (May 2012 - current)

This self performed political solo work asks questions about the value of human beings and responds to recent financial events and the rise of Capital in Asia and the East. Performed at TURN 2012 (Contact Theatre), Chorlton Arts Festival 2012 (Edge Theatre), Dance Cuts (Lancaster), Dance Base (Edinburgh), MediaCityUK for Black History Month at the University of Salford, & sited adaptation in the Work Ahead presented by hÅb (Contact Theatre). This project is supported by Grants for the Arts funding from the National Lottery via Arts Council England. Project partners include Dance Initiative Greater Manchester, Dance Base, Z-Arts & the University of Salford.


'Quero Quero' (development performance)

Director & Choreographer: Eleni Edipidi

Duet performed at TURN 2014 presented by Levantes Dance Theatre at Contact Theatre, Manchester (April 2014)

'Bodies in Urban Spaces'

Director & Choreographer: Willi Dorner 

Assistants: Ian Dolan

Joseph performed this work with cast at Bangor, Wales (October 2013) presented by Migrations in partnership with Pontio

'Zero Hour'

Directors: Andrew Quick, Pete Brooks

Performed with the cast of Imitating the Dog (ITD) at the British Council Edinburgh Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe (August 2013).


'Deeper Than All Roses'

Director & Choreographer: Joseph Lau (May 2013)

Composer: Dr Stephen Davismoon

Joseph performed with dancer & collaborator Shona Roberts at the FascinatE event at MediaCityUK hosted by the University of Salford, BBC, Technicolour & EU partners.

Out of the Blue Productions

'Simple Remains', 'Evolve' & 'Bones of Spring': Creators: Gavin Wayte, Emily Howard, Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau (2011 to present)

Joseph has performed:

‘Simple Remains’ at Oslip (Austria, July-Sep 2010), Teatro La Fenice (Venice, May 2011), as part of the program of events hosted by The Nicholas Boas Charitable Trust at 22 Mansfield St (London, May 2011), and the Austrian Cultural Forum London (July 2011). 

‘Evolve’ was performed at new studios at MediaCityUK as of ‘BBC Philharmonic Presents…’ series for BBC Radio 3 (June 2011).

‘Bones of Spring’ was performed at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester (March 2013) for the ‘Ink Still Wet’ Series hosted by BBC Philharmonic.

Dynion (Pro) Dance

'Excess': Director & Choreography: Douglas Comley (2010)

'Suited & Booted': Director & Choreography: Douglas Comley (2010)

Dancer for an all male dance group whose latest work dealt with themes about the excesses of the financial world. 

‘Excess’ went on tour to Welsh theatres from September to November after its premiere at the Swansea Grand Theatre. 

‘Suited and Booted’ was choreographed for the outdoors for the Dance Days Outdoor Dance Festival in Swansea. Dynion Pro is an Art Council Wales funded company through Tan Dance.



'They Only Come at Night'. Director & Choreography: Alan Lane & Lucy Hind (2009)

Joseph's first UK engagement as one of two vampires for the climactic scene of the production.  The movement style of the role was created in collaboration with the other employed dancer as well as with the director and choreographer.  This production premiered at The Lowry in September 2009.  Slunglow is an Arts Council England funded theatre company.

Opera Queensland

'Turandot'. Director & Choreography: Graeme Murphy & Kim Walker (2008)

'Andre Chewier'. Choreography: Rosetta Cook (2002)

'Pearl Fishers' Choreography: Rosetta Cook (2001)

Dancer in the above major opera productions. Choreography applied contemporary dance techniques and aesthetics.  All productions were performed in the Lyric Theatre of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex in Brisbane, Australia. Opera Queensland is the State of Queensland’s major opera company that is also funded federally as well.

Project Auske

'Collection One Season'. 'The Electrician Travels North' Choreography: Bridget Fiske (2008)

Solo performance developed utilising elements of break dance, voice & character in performance, video and contemporary dance. Performed in Brisbane, Australia. Project Auske is a banner independent creative partnership of Joseph Lau and Bridget Fiske for independent and commercial practice.

Dada Dance

'Arrivi Partenze'. Choreography: Boris Bivona & Jodie Anne White (2007)

Dance created for & performed in 2007 Italian Week celebrations in the Cremorne Theatre of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex in Brisbane, Australia. Later in the year, a lecture demo was presented to music conference attendees at the Queensland Conservatory of Music, Brisbane, Australia. DaDa Dance is an independent partnership between Boris Bivona and Jodie Anne White.


Barking Gecko Theatre Company

'Hidden Dragons'. Director: Grahame Gavin (2005 – 2006)

Dramatic acting lead role as ‘Brendan’, an 11 year old body coming to grips with his Chinese identity within Australian culture.  Performed and toured extensively in Australia to major capital cities and venues including the Sydney Opera House and the Victorian Centre of Arts as well as regional and remote areas of Australia over two years. Month long International tour to Canada in May 2006 as part of the Canada’s annual children festival circuit that included the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and the International Children’s Festival in St Albert, Alberta. Barking Gecko is a state and federal funded theatre company


Dance North

'Tangled Whispers'. Choreography: Jason Pitt (2005)

'Chit Chat Club'. Choreography: Kylie Ball (2005)

'Tangled Whispers' was a dance tasked based creation that included applying William Forsythe’s approach to movement/phrase creation.  

'Chit Chat Club 'was created via tasks and movement provided by the choreographer. Dances created and performed in School of Arts Theatre, Townsville, Australia. Dance North is a state and federal funded contemporary dance company.


Buzz Dance Theatre

'Beat Routes' (Creative Dev only) Choreography: Felicity Bott (2004)

'Beat Cake'. Choreography: Felicity Bott (2004)

'Honey Season'. Dancers’ choreographic studio program (2003)

'Rumpelstiltskin'. Choreography: Paige Gordon (2003),

'Fracture' Choreography: Paige Gordon (2003)

Employed as full-time company member with duties involving creative development, performance, teaching and workshop facilitation. Creative product was created through character development, collaborative & task based rehearsals and new skill acquisition (including hip hop, latin dance and tumbling). Workshop and classes devised and delivered to children and young people (considered in Australia to be up to 26 yrs old). Toured extensively throughout regional Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. Buzz is a state and federal funded contemporary dance company.


Rio Rhythmics

'Olodum'. Choreography: Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco & Larissa Thayne (2008)

Goodwill Games Opening Ceremony Choreography: Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco (2001)


Queensland Symphony Orchestra

'Dance Dance Dance' Primary School Season

Choreography: Kristen Bell and Bridget Fiske (2001)


Cherry Herring- Independent Dance Collective

'Riverscapes'. Section choreography: Jean Tally (1999)


Queensland Art Gallery

'Moving Visions'. Choreography: Wendy Wallace (1997)