about: JOSEPH

Joseph is an independent artist in dance and theatre working as a performer, choreographer, and facilitator. Joseph also works in areas of artist-led development and arts entrepreneurship. Joseph's career spans Australia, the UK & Europe. 



Joseph’s choreographic work centres around three areas of investigation, these being: memory, design of the expressive body & of space and the political.


Joseph has developed and grown from working and shifting between these three areas. They have fed and influenced each other considerably and has drawn Joseph towards searching for surrealist and absurdist images and symbols in his work to achieve a sense of visual poetry.


His desire is to make challenging, thoughtful & engaging work that the creative team, partners, programmers and audience may invest deeply in. The range of movement utilised is broad from the everyday to the highly athletic.


Joseph has performed with various Australian and UK companies, choreographers and collectives in both dance and theatrical roles including with Opera Queensland, Buzz Dance Theatre, Dance North, Willi Dorner and Barking Gecko Theatre Company. As an active and inquisitive maker Joseph has also created and performed solo works that are both physically and emotionally demanding.

Training & Education

Joseph's life moving started with Karate as a teenage. In 1998 Joseph completed the Bachelor of Arts (Dance - Performance) at Queensland University of Technology. Since then Joseph has continued to train in various contemporary dance techniques and ballet. He has spent much time training in martial arts (Capoeira / Taekwondo) as well as various body conditioning methods. Alongside training in physical techniques Joseph has invested in training with an acting coach and in physical theatre methods such as Suzuki & Viewpoints.



Joseph has an extensive history facilitating in education, community and professional training contexts. Since 2011 Joseph has been a sessional lecturer at University of Salford. Joseph has also worked on acclaimed grassroots youth dance projects such as STRIDE a dance project for young men in Greater Manchester, amongst many other projects and engagements.



Prior to studying dance, Joseph completed a Bachelor of Commerce at University of Queensland and qualified as an Australian Chartered Accountant. This dual knowledge has supported Joseph to take on roles in arts & cultural leadership and spearhead artist led initiatives. Roles include:

CURRENT: hAb (Advisory Committee Member) and Manchester Dance Consortium (Strategic Group Member)


PREVIOUS: Company Chameleon (Board Member), Ausdance Queensland  (Treasurer), Critical Mass - Brisbane artist led initiative  (Committee Member) and Expressions Dance Company (Treasurer) 



Joseph regularly runs public classes and workshops for new and experienced adult movers.


These sessions draw upon various contemporary dance and contact improvisations approaches.


The sessions focus upon:

  • discovering and deepening an understanding of the body in alignment when in motion,

  • developing overall body strength,

  • finding ways to move that are connected and efficient through the use of momentum and energy,

  • being sensitive and playful in relation to self and others, and

  • ways of moving in through and out of the floor.





Photographers work who appears on this site: Victor Isabel Bueno, Photo Corps (courtesy of ATOM Theatre), Tamsin Drury, Katarzyna Jablonska & Brian Slater.